Tri-Clean ultrasonic cleaners provide superior cleaning power, which results in cleaner instruments. All Tri-Clean ultrasonic units come standard with heating element, cycle time controller and stainless steel basket, so there is no need to pay extra for these valuable options.

Standard Features

• All stainless steel construction allows easy and effective draining of soiled cleaning solution, in addition to extended durability
• Superior acoustic pulse generators, with powerful cavitations to loosen bio-burden from instruments
• Heating element and stainless steel basket
• Works with all popular cassette systems to support instrument management
• Automatic 1 year warranty on unit & electronics and 2 year warranty on transducers, offering comprehensive protection for your investment

Quote Contact Information

Please contact your rep for additional information regarding dimensions, weight, and other settings.

For counter top units, please add 2" to length dimension for external drain spout. 220V option available as special order. 

*700-3006 is special order only, and does not have heat.

Model #Part #Description
Ultrasonic Basket60-0700Basket: Ultrasonic, Instrument Casette, U-3LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0701Basket: Ultrasonic, Instrument Casette, U-5LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0702Basket: Ultrasonic, Instrument Casette, U-10LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0703Basket: Ultrasonic, Instrument Casette, U-13LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0704Basket: Ultrasonic, Instrument Casette, U-20LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0705Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging U-3LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0706Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging, U-5LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0707Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging, U-10LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0708Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging, U-13LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0709Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging, U-19LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0711Basket: Ultrasonic, Hanging, U-20LH
Ultrasonic Basket60-0712Basket: Ultrasonic, Burr 2" Round with Closing Lid
Beaker Holder60-0713Beaker Holder: Ultrasonic, 4L and 10L Units
Beaker Holder60-0714Beaker Holder: Ultrasonic, 13L Units
Beaker Holder60-0715Beaker Holder: Ultrasonic, 20L Units
Lid60-0716Lid: Ultrasonic, U-3LH, U-5LH
Lid60-0717Lid: Ultrasonic, U-10LH, U-10LHREC
Lid60-0718Lid: Ultrasonic, U-13LH, U-13LHREC, U-19LH, U-19LHREC
Lid60-0719Lid: Ultrasonic, U-20LH, U-20LHREC
Ultrasonic Conversion Kit60-0720Ultrasonic: Conversion Kit, Recessed, Auto to Manual Drain
Ultrasonic Conversion Kit60-0721Ultrasonic: Conversion Kit, Recessed Control Panel
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-30011.05 gal/4L
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-30022.64 gal/10L
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-30033.43 gal/13L
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-30044.94 gal/19L
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-30055.06 gal/20L
Counter-Top Models for SN 3260 and Higher700-3006*10.56 gal/40L
Recessed Models - SN 3260 and Higher700-30122.64 gal/10L
Recessed Models - SN 3260 and Higher700-30133.43 gal/13L
Recessed Models - SN 3260 and Higher700-30144.94 gal/19L
Recessed Models - SN 3260 and Higher700-30155.06 gal/20L
Triple Enzyme Cleaner700-3040Triple Enzyme Cleaner: 32 oz Ready-to-Use Foam Spray (Case of 12)
Triple Enzyme Cleaner700-3041Triple Enzyme Cleaner: 32 oz Concentrate, Pre-Measure (Case of 12)
Triple Enzyme Cleaner700-3042Triple Enzyme Cleaner: Concentrate, 1 Gal. (Case of 4)
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including cumene, nickel compounds and wood dust, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer; di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, developmental toxicity and male reproductive toxicity; and lead and lead compounds, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, developmental toxicity, male reproductive toxicity, and female reproductive toxicity. For more information, go to
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