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Posted July 16, 2020 in Insights

We know what you’re probably thinking: how does my role play into this? Where do I start? It’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll be in direct contact with our design team throughout every step in the design process.

First things first: When a doctor contacts one of our Boyd Account Managers, one of the first questions we ask is who they are working with for design and construction. Sometimes a doctor comes to us without a team in place, and that’s okay! Our Boyd team will suggest designers and contractors that we have worked with in the past. From simple renovation projects to brand new offices, we align ourselves with the best in the business.

We also have designers and builders connect with us when a doctor has specified Boyd-specific equipment. We take that lead and contact the doctor to ensure that they have the correct equipment for their needs. We’ll discuss their entire clinical space in-depth to get a feel for their vision and gather all of the information we need to connect back with the designers and architects. We then relay all information, files and additional details back to the designer and architects that we gathered from the doctor.

Our goal as a preferred equipment provider is to work with the design and construction personnel to ensure we are always helping them reach the goals and expectations they set with the doctor. We’ll facilitate a discovery meeting with a designer to discuss the ins and outs of the entire project; from the office’s concept and vision to the layout of the equipment we provide. We want each designer and doctor to know they have someone they can trust for answers. We work side by side with the designers throughout many components of the design process, such as going over documentation for the project, requesting bids and helping them set budgets for in regards to equipment.

The Boyd Engineering team provides elevation drawings and CAD files so designers and architects can place the items into the floor plan. Once the designer and architect have completed their draft of the floor plan, the Boyd team confirms the floor plan layout for the chairs and gives specific locations for utilities. Our Account Manager will work with the contractor on site and confirm equipment locations and other necessary needs.

We work with countless designers who have expressed the value of the relationship they have with Boyd. They tell us how easy it is to work with Boyd Sales and Design Team members, and how impressed they are of our portfolio of years of clinical experience. They even love that our custom design team will walk the doctor through the design of the cabinetry, including office workflow, equipment selection and infection control process changes.

In the post-COVID world, doctors have seen a dramatic change in how they need to shift their workplace operations and layout to comply with standards set by dental societies. The Boyd Team is equipped to quickly work with doctors to provide solutions to their most significant needs with our new product innovations. Boyd feels educating the doctor on all equipment going into their space helps them make valuable decisions for the clinical area quickly. The result is that no matter where they buy other items from, we know their office is designed with efficiency in mind.

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