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Benefits of Creating an Ergonomic Office

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Posted February 22, 2022 in Articles & Press

The field of ergonomics has been widely discussed in the dental community lately, but how does it apply in a dental office? A properly designed and equipped ergonomic office creates a work environment that reduces doctor and staff fatigue by minimizing the physical impact of repetitive motions, promotes proper seating positions, and improves the overall efficiency of treating dental patients.

We know caring for patients is your priority, that is why Boyd Industries focuses on caring for YOU. If an office isn't designed correctly, repetitive tasks could lead to body aches, increase stress levels and delays in scheduling. We suggest:

Choosing the Right Operator Chair - Constantly hunching over your patients can lead to musculoskeletal injuries of the neck and back. Our doctor and assistant seating come in two height ranges with adjustable lumbar support to promote good posture.

Fully Articulating Treatment Chair – Dental treatment chairs with vertical lift allow you to adjust in combination with your operator chair to match optimal positioning for doctor comfort. Look at our new M3000LS model treatment chairs with one-touch memory settings for common patient positioning.

Keeping Tools Close - Having to constantly reach for equipment can be fatiguing. Our mobile side units move with you.

Adequate Lighting is Important – Just like the rest of your body, your eyes grow fatigued throughout the day. Inadequate lighting will strain the eyes and over time could lead to more serious vision issues. Use of Examination Lights that move freely to fully illuminate the oral cavity using natural white light has proven to reduce eye fatigue. See our C300 Exam Light offering the latest LED technology to produce clear, natural light.

Organizing Strategically - Keep frequently used items in easily reachable places. Our cabinetry and carts can assist.

The benefit of an ergonomic office is the accessibility for everyone; what might work for one might may not be favorable for another. Boyd Industries offers a variety of customizable products to help create an office that works best for you.

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