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The Top Choice for Implant Office Equipment - IMPLANT PRACTICE • US 2023

Posted November 8, 2023 in Articles & Press

The Top Choice for Implant Office Equipment

Boyd equipment leads the chairs and tables market for oral and dental implant surgery with its innovative designs, quality, and proven reliability. The company has set the standard, with its time-tested 65-plus year history enduring millions of surgical procedures. It is easy to see why Boyd’s customers remain loyal, purchasing for future endeavors.

Boyd designs and fabricates the largest variety of customizable operatory equipment and cabinetry options to fit the size, functionality, and style of any clinic. Our chairs are configurable to your ergonomic and design esthetic. The cabinetry line of standard and personalized designs sets Boyd apart from others in the dental implant industry by standardizing customizability. Boyd’s engineers and office design specialists will adapt standard configurations to create a design that meets your exact needs, created for your ideal work environment.

To complement Boyd’s line of oral surgery chairs, the company offers a wide variety of mobile operatory carts designed to organize and store surgical equipment and devices. The carts are light-weight, easy to disinfect, and lockable with ergonomic handles to move between surgical suites.

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