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Making a Home | Gregg Orthodontics


Posted December 3, 2019 in Articles & Press

In this article by Alison Werner of Orthodontic Products, Dr. Ben Gregg discusses his unique journey to practice ownership, and the importance of teamwork and expert consultation when it comes to a new office design. Read the full article here, and read the following exerpt about Dr. Gregg's experience working with Boyd Industries.

(Ashland, OH) December 3, 2019— ... While Gregg had friends who recommended Boyd Industries products, the fact that [his Regional Sales Representative, Mark] Foulk had made the time to connect with Gregg really mattered. Gregg ended up selecting all new Boyd Industries chairs, stools, side units, and clinical cabinetry.

Gregg opted for Boyd’s M3000FB Treatment Chairs and CSU356SQ Chairside Units for his new office. He appreciated both the quality and the design of the chairs and side units. For Gregg, the design better suited the functional requirements of an orthodontic workflow than other equipment on the market. For example, he appreciated the fact that he could pick where certain hoses were placed on the side units. “We’re working with these things all the time. So, if you’re reaching farther for something you use all the time, it just doesn’t make sense. Or if you have to have an assistant pass it to you and you just want to grab it, it doesn’t make any sense,” he says. Regarding the chairs, Gregg appreciated that he had a number of upholstery choices, as well as different patient comfort levels, to choose from.

While the practice’s chairs are stationary, their CSU356SQ side units, which feature built-in monitor mounts, have a mobile base that allows their position to be adjusted as needed. The ability to easily move the units comes in handy when accommodating staff members with differing space requirements to work. Gregg opted for Corian solid surface tops, which are scratch resistant and designed to withstand regular sterilization.

In addition to operatory equipment, Gregg opted to work with Boyd Industries to create and install the practice’s clinical cabinetry. The work—including a custom sterilization center—was custom-designed by Boyd’s Senior Manager of Design and Development, Christina Masengale. During the process, Masengale’s main considerations were functionality, aesthetic appeal, and optimal workflow. Gregg appreciated that Masengale, Foulk, and Costinescu maintained a collaborative relationship, and were able to bring together solutions that were designed precisely for the brand-new layout, the team’s day-to-day workflow, and Gregg’s overall vision.

Read the full article here.

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