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Endodontic Products Profile


Posted March 27, 2019 in Articles & Press

Boyd Industries' endodontic products were featured with a Product Profile in the Spring 2019 edition of Endodontic Practice US. Read page 55 to learn about Boyd's S3100LC Endodontic Chair and Prestige Endodontic Cart. We've got a preview for you here:

"Designed specifically for your needs, the S3100LC chair for endodontists combines ergonomic, reliable functionality with elegant design. Like the majority of Boyd Industries products, the S3100LC chair can be personalized to best suit your office, just as its design will best suit your specialization’s needs.

... Like the S3100LC, this mobile operatory cart is prepared to perfectly fit into your endodontic practice. The Prestige Endodontic Cart is fitted with a lightweight aluminum body and all the features you need: aseptic surfaces for easy cleaning, sectioned drawers for intuitive organization, and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic."

About Boyd Industries:

Boyd Industries is a market leader in the design and manufacture of award-winning dental operatory equipment. Its high-quality and reliable equipment has been the choice of specialists for over 60 years. Boyd’s products include a full line of dental exam, treatment and surgical chairs, dental delivery systems, LED exam and surgical lighting, custom sterilization and storage cabinetry, doctor or assistant seating, and more. The company is an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer.

Boyd equipment is specifically designed to provide maximum practice productivity while incorporating ergonomic characteristics for the doctor, staff and patient. As an original equipment manufacturer, Boyd uses a vertically integrated manufacturing approach to ensure it meets high quality standards. This approach allows Boyd to control each step of component fabrication and product assembly. To learn more about Boyd products, please visit