Frequently Asked Questions

The following section will provide answers to many of the questions you may have about Boyd products. Should you have specific questions not covered in our FAQ section, please contact us at (800) 255-2693 or via e-mail at

The Boyd Team appreciates your interest in our products and we look forward to serving your future equipment needs.

General FAQ

Q: Why is Boyd equipment better than the competition?

A: As the market leader for dental and medical specialists operatory equipment, Boyd is best known for its ideal design and customizable features combined with proven quality and reliability. The company’s products are the industry standard having been time tested over the company’s history by thousands of doctors around the world.

Boyd designs and fabricates the widest variety of cabinetry options to fit both the size, functionality, and style of your office. The cabinetry line of standard and custom designs sets the company apart from others in the orthodontic industry. The company’s designers can adapt standard configurations or design cabinetry completely unique.

Our products conform to IEC 60601 safety standard for medical/dental devices, FDA 510 (k) approval on our delivery units and international standards - CSA for Canadian and CE for European.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: Most Boyd products are warranted for one-year workmanship and three-years parts.

Q: How do I buy Boyd equipment?

A: You may purchase your Boyd equipment directly through our factory-trained Boyd Sales Representatives or through an authorized Boyd dealer. Please call our sales team at (800) 255-2693 or email us at for details.

Q: Does Boyd offer office design?

A: No. However, Boyd can work with your architect and/or contractor to best locate your equipment and utility connections. Boyd maintains a list of qualified dental office design professions and will be happy to provide a referral.

Q: Does Boyd offer financing options?

A: Boyd is happy to assist with providing the financing for your purchase. We offer 2 different programs designed to meet your financing preference.

Boyd Industries is partnered with Bank of America’s Practice Solutions financing program to help pay for your investment in our equipment and other items for your office. Bank of America offers very competitive financing rates, easy application process, and fast approval for up to $300,000.

Additionally, Boyd has a very competitive program for recent residency graduates and separating military members offering them significant product discounts or favorable payment terms.

Visit our financing page HERE for more information.

Q: What is the lead-time for receiving Boyd equipment, once I place an order?

A: For standard configurations, Boyd can ship your order 6 weeks after receipt of signed order acknowledgement and deposit. For custom products, your order will be ready 8 weeks after acceptance of design drawing and receipt of deposit.

Q: What if I need the equipment faster?

A: Boyd has a “Quick Ship” program for standard configuration equipment to expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks of receipt of order acknowledgement and 100% prepayment. The company reserves the right to agree to the Quick Ship based on seasons of peak demand.

Q: Is Boyd equipment eligible for Section 179 accelerated depreciation deduction?

A: Yes, however please consult with your tax professional for eligibility and allowable deductions under this tax code.

Q: Are freight and installation included in the price of Boyd equipment?

A: No, all Boyd equipment is quoted FOB, Clearwater, Florida.

Q: What are Boyd's payment terms?

A: On doctor-direct orders, payment terms are 50% deposit at the time of order placement with the balance due Net 30 days. Please check with Boyd to confirm payment terms, as special programs do exist depending upon your market, order size, or location of your practice (i.e. International orders).

Q: What methods of payment does Boyd accept?

A: We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Wire Transfers and ACH Transfers. Credit card payments may be submitted by using the payment tab on this website.

Q: If I have a problem with my Boyd equipment, who do I call?

A: Please call our Technical Service Department at (727) 471-5071. If you ever encounter a problem with our products, our technical services team will strive to exceed your expectations for a timely resolution of your issue. Boyd utilizes a network of 300+ technicians across North America for both warranty and non-warranty service.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Due to the custom nature of Boyd equipment, returns are typically not accepted. Boyd will accept the return of equipment manufactured or shipped incorrectly from the specifications contained in your signed Sales Acknowledgement or drawings. In special circumstances and with prior Company approval, the return of certain items will be accepted subject to a modest restocking charge.

Q: Where can I see Boyd equipment on display?

A: Boyd attends a variety of trade shows to display and demonstrate equipment. Please refer to our Events section of this website to see which shows by specialty Boyd will be attending. In addition to trade shows, Boyd has product showroom tours at our headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Lastly, we can also refer you to a Boyd customer in your area, allowing you to view our equipment in action.

Orthodontic FAQ

Q: Does Boyd have a Self-Contained Water System?

A: Yes, we offer an air pressurized self-contained water system that gives you the ability to provide delivery of distilled water, sterile water or an alternative to "tap" water. This system precludes the need to "back flow" the check valve at each and every unit.

Q: Does Boyd offer an "Anti-Bacterial" delivery system?

A: Yes, Boyd is the only orthodontic manufacturer that offers a truly "sterile" water delivery system. With the use of a membrane system capable of filtering out bacteria down to 10 microns and a system featuring silver nitrite impregnated tubing, Boyd offers the only "clean" delivery system.

Q: Do Delivery Units require electrical approval?

A: Yes, all delivery systems that incorporate an electrical outlet need to be approved by an authorized testing laboratory. The electrical approval must be to the standard IEC 60601 for medical/dental devices.

Oral Surgery FAQ

Q: Aren't all patient treatment chairs the same?

A: No, Boyd has specifically designed our line of equipment for the demands of an oral surgery practice. There are many intrinsic features an oral surgeon needs to effectively practice oral surgery. Effective IV administration, solid head positioning of the patient, Trendelenburg Positioning and full range of vertical height adjustment are essential characteristics of an oral surgery chair.

Q: Do arms come standard on a Boyd Oral Surgery chair/table?

A: No, you must configure your chair/table based on your optimal workflow and technical needs.

Q: Do Boyd oral surgery chairs have Trendelenburg capability?

A: Yes, all Boyd surgery chairs and tables have Trendelenburg positioning capability. An independent motor drives this function for easy positioning not tied to the position of the backrest. Some "pseudo" oral surgery chairs use a synchronized tilt feature for Trendelenburg, but this function limits rapid progression to this critical emergency position.

Q: Do you have an instrument table for delivery of my instruments, and accessories for surgery?

A: Yes, Boyd has two (2) options of Mobile Instrument Tables (MIT). We offer a vacuum-formed ABS plastic top with Microban antibacterial coating, or a stainless-steel top. All MITs have the capability to mount an IV bottle hanger if necessary.

Pediatric Dentistry FAQ

Q: What makes Boyd unique for Pediatric Dentists?

A: Boyd is the only "one-stop" equipment supplier that designs products specifically for Pediatric Dentists. We offer Power Treatment Chairs, Pedo Benches, Operatory Lights, Stools, Rear and Side Delivery Systems, custom Sterilization and Storage Cabinetry.

Q: Can't Pediatric Dentists use "traditional" dental equipment?

A: It's true that some pediatric dentists opt for generally designed dental equipment in their offices. However, Boyd's 60+ years of experience in the dental industry has shown that a specialized practice benefits from specialized equipment - especially with the many unique considerations of working with young patients. For example, a traditional dental chair is much larger than our pediatric chairs and pedo bench, which forces both the staff and patient to adjust to this large chair size and may affect patients' comfort. Additionally, Boyd's concealed delivery units are designed to minimize potential dental anxiety by keeping instruments out of sight, yet within arm's reach. Our sales representatives and product design team will be happy to provide further consultation regarding pediatric dental office equipment considerations.

Q: What is a Pedo Bench?

A: A pediatric dental bench or “Pedo Bench” for short, is a flat bench style treatment chair that provides a non-threatening, cost-effective method to position a child.

Q: Does a Pedo Bench have instrumentation?

A: Yes, as a registered medical device manufacturer, Boyd offers either a (2) two or (3) three hand piece auto delivery package with 3-way syringe and assistants instrumentation. All instrumentation can be excluded should you decide to utilize an alternative delivery system.

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